Workplacement – Germany; Joshua Kneale

Ammattiin opiskelu, Kansainvälinen vaihto, Oppisopimus

   Joshua Kneale




I am apprentice at Keuda. In Finland I work for Autokorjaamo Rantakare oy. It’s a small family business with 5 staff located in Kerava. We officially service Subarus there although other car manufacturers are also welcome for services. I speak Finnish there but also use English when we have English speaking customers.

My work experience placement was held in Germany, Dusseldorf with the company Breucker and Bergmann, also an official Subaru workshop. I was offered the work placement through Keuda.

 Breucker and Bergmann, Dusseldorf in Germany.

Breucker and Bergmann, Dusseldorf in Germany, workplacement

The main difference between working in Finland and working in Germany was the working hours. Work started at 8:00 and ended at 17:00 with an hour lunch break at 12:00. Coffee breaks were not included and while drinking coffee you were expected to continue working. It was normal for the workers to arrive 20 minutes early and leave 20 minutes late from work.

Enginen almost new Subaru BRZ.

Enginen almost new Subaru BRZ

The biggest job I had was on an almost new Subaru BRZ. Subaru had sent the parts to the workshop and it was a matter of taking out the engine, replacing the left head’s camshafts and valves. Taking the engine out is the only way to remove the engine heads.

With the engine out it was time to start the real work, replacing the valves and camshafts on the left side of the engine. This was the first time I had worked with a timing chain rather than a timing belt. Other jobs included tire changing, wheel changing, services, head gasket changes and welding.

Working in two different companies which have the same goals was a great opportunity to see which methods worked the best and which didn’t. I should think both bosses would be interested in seeing how one another’s companies are run so they can reflect on their own company. I would like to run my own workshop someday when I have enough experience, and that is why this experience was good for me. I learnt how other people run their businesses and I learnt that certain methods which seemed to be a little bit Hill Billy in Finland are actually very affective and fast.



Some words about work placement in Germany generally. The hostel itself was pretty good. It depends of course who you share the room with. Getting enough sleep for work wasn’t always easy. Every now and again great roommates would fill the room who had work and studying so we would be on the same page.

During my free time I would go into the city and have a few beers at the pubs. If I didn’t head into the city I would stay at the hostel in the lobby and watch football with my roommates.

This experience gave me a new respect for my colleges in Finland, as it showed how much more knowledge and experience they have. I learnt but also had the opportunity to show how things are done at the workshop in Finland. All in all it was a great experience!


Kansainvälisyys, autoalan perustutkinto

Joshua Kneale, apprentice

Tarja Peitsaho


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